Unique Qualifications

Resume Your Life is unique in its approach to career services. Our competitors, including Experience, College Central Network, MonsterTRAK, and NACELink, focus on the employers, providing their colleges and universities with career service management solutions that streamline the recruiting process, such as resume banks and postings. But in their effort to smooth and speed the transition from student to employee, they skip a vital step - assisting in the career development of those students so that they will be more than just employees; they will be valuable employees.

RYL's focus is on the students. Our "full-service" career services begin with career coaching and assessment, continue with the creation of a personalized home page, virtual document vault, targeted job searching map, customized activity calendar, and networking contact list, and finish up with actual job postings and placement reports.

The job seeker's personalized home page creates a sense of uniqueness and individuality. It includes an activity box to show students not only what they have been doing for themselves, but also what we have been doing for them. They will see progress immediately. We can track whether the students are being successful in their efforts. If not, we can help get them back on track. The job seeker's personal page may be maintained indefinitely. All of his or her job searching efforts --- emails, activities, networking contacts, calendar items, and maps --- will never be lost. They can restart their job search whenever they want and never lose anything.

By ensuring that the students are guided through the complete career development process, the students will be able to clearly see their career path options and tailor the services to their needs. And once professionals are taught how to develop their own career path, they are then in control of their careers, and their lives.