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Targeted Job Postings will be offered through our partner staffing firms through your career portal page.


Life-Long 24/7 Web-Based Access to Your Career Management

Upon registering with our career services through your school, you will be provided with your own personalized Career Portal Page. Through this page, you will build and store all of your career development and job search progress. At the very beginning, Career Coaching and Assessment will be provided through our website and over the phone, depending on your needs. If you wish, you will have the opportunity to take various career assessment tests and speak one-on-one with a career counselor. If you do not need these services, you may skip directly to your career tools. You decide.

Personalized Career Tools allow you take control of your career development. Inside you will have 24/7 access to a host of interactive tools designed to organize your job search and allow you to stay connected including an interactive Job Search Map, a personalized Calendar, a Member Chat Board, a Networking Contact List, a personal To-Do List, and Career Resources.

  • Your Job Search Map will show the locations of businesses in your job search area that match your industry of interest. As you contact employers and schedule interviews, you can update the information associated with each location marker to help you keep track of where you are in the job searching process.
  • Your personalized Activity and Events Calendar helps you keep track of job search-related activities. You can add appointments such as job interviews; review scheduled events such as job fairs, networking meetings, or RYL events; and set reminders for follow up letters and phone calls on potential job leads.
  • The RYL Chat Board lets you connect with other users so you can discuss your career opportunities and job searching experiences.
  • Your Networking Contact List holds the contacts you accumulate as you network your way to your new job. The information in this database is linked to the information in your calendar and your job search map so that all of your contact information is updated in all three places at once.
  • Your To- Do List will help you keep track of all the little things that you need to do to stay on top of your career.
  • We will supply you with Career Resources to use during your job search. You may also upload your own articles and store links to informative career sites.

You will also have your own virtual Document Vault filled with your resume, cover letters, business cards, work samples, and additional documents vital to job seeking and interviewing. From here, you will pull documents to send to specific employers for specific openings, creating something known as a "Virtual Showcase". This webpage will be your opportunity to shine.

Targeted Job Postings will be offered through our partner staffing firms through your career portal page. You will be able to apply to them directly, sending them a link to your Virtual Showcase.

Your Virtual Showcase contains your chosen documents to show to a prospective employer. This is your opportunity to shine. It will set you apart from other students, present a solid marketing campaign by promoting you and your skills, and support your job-hunting efforts while helping you develop your career path. You will design the Virtual Showcase yourself, choosing the theme and content. Content will include such things as your Career Goals, Management Style, List of Accomplishments, Resume and Cover Letter, Education Summary, Awards and Honors, Volunteering / Community Service, Professional Development Activities, and References.

Background Checks, Drug Testing, and Employment Screenings are offered through our partner firms when requested.

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