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RYL provides a suite of online career tools to schools and universities to make their MBA programs more marketable and save them over $100,000 a year on student services.


Full-Service Virtual Career Office

RYL's innovative virtual setting gives your MBA students unprecedented 24/7, 365-days-a-year access to a web-based Career Portal where they can manage their career development and direct their job search. Key RYL components range from individual assessment and career coaching to personalized interactive tools, such as a Job Openings Database, Job Search Maps, Networking Contact Lists, Event Calendars, Career Resources, Member Chat Boards, Online Career Fairs, Document Vaults, Placement Reports, and most importantly, a Virtual Showcase that provides each student an opportunity to highlight their accomplishments in an online portfolio to send to prospective employers.

RYL's major strengths include one-on-one time with a board-certified career counselor; wide-ranging placement, personalized, secure, and 100% trackable progress for each student. And for employers, RYL will work with partner firms to administer background checks and drug testing of prospective students.

Career Development That's Not Limited to Job Placement

RYL is committed to filling a niche that is of increasing usefulness to the career services industry. The current market focuses on the employers and helping them find the right students through resume banks, staffing services, etc. Our focus is on the students and preparing them to meet their long-term career goals which, in turn, will make them more valuable students to the employers.

CAREER PORTAL - Getting Organized

Upon registering with our career services through your school, students will be provided with their school's own personalized Career Portal Page. Through this page, they will build and store all of their career development and job search progress, tools, and resources. In their personalized Career Portal, students will be able to:

1. Talk with a Certified Career Coach and take Career Assessment tests. At the very beginning, career coaching and assessment will be provided through our website and over the phone, depending on the students' needs and your school's requirements. If students need it, they will have the opportunity to take various career assessment tests and speak one-on-one with a career counselor. If they do not need these services, they may skip directly to their career tools

2. Go to their Career Tools page.Here, they will find a host of interactive tools designed to organize their job search and stay connected. These will include an interactive Job Search Map, a personalized Calendar, a Member Chat Board, a networking Contact List, and a personal To-Do List.

3. Create their own Document Vault. This will be filled with students' resumes, cover letters, business cards, transcripts, work samples, and additional documents vital to job seeking and interviewing. From here, they will pull documents to send to specific employers for specific openings, creating their "Virtual Showcase".

4. Access the latest Job Postings. These will be offered through our job openings database and partner staffing firms through the students' career portal page. They will be able to apply to the openings directly, sending employers a link to their Virtual Showcase, and track their progress in the application process.

5. Track activity and generate Reports. All of the students' activity will be tracked, including the stages of their job applications. Customized placement reports will be created for your reporting purposes.

VIRTUAL SHOWCASE- Marketing Your Students

Students' Virtual Showcase will contain the students' chosen documents to show to a prospective employer and be their opportunity to shine. It will set students apart from other students in their job search, present a solid marketing campaign by promoting the students and their skills, and support the student' job-hunting efforts while helping them to develop their career path. They will design the Virtual Showcase themselves, choosing the theme and content. Content will include such things as their Career Goals, Management Style, List of Accomplishments, Resume and Cover Letter, Education Summary, Awards and Honors, Volunteering / Community Service, Professional Development Activities, and References.

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