About Us


Today, many business colleges and universities are beginning to experience what smaller businesses have become accustomed to in this current competitive economic environment: a demand for twice the service at half the price. And this demand extends to the career services and job placement required of all higher educational institutions. Although the sagging economy has caused a surge in enrollment resulting from people going back to school to obtain more competitive job skills, these prospective students are different from those enrolling ten years ago. They're more astute, more economically savvy, and more willing to demand from their schools what is being demanded of them as employees - higher quality service at a lower cost. Resume Your Life's (RYL) unique approach to career services can ensure that your institution will be able to meet this demand.

This woman-owned B2B firm focuses on MBA students first – rather than on recruiters – by collaborating with universities, colleges and professional business schools.  With a blend of traditional practices and the latest technologies, the RYL staff capitalizes on their extensive background in education, career counseling, and management to enable business schools to offer full service career services with no overhead costs.  Schools will be able to provide their students and alumni unprecedented 24/7, 365-days-a-year access to web-based career tools tailored to the needs of contemporary MBA students in today's job market.

Most schools have an on-site or off-campus career office that consists of a staff counselor or placement officer. Combine the average salary of such a person with benefits and operation costs, and the total cost for such a person can easily be over $100,000/year. And that is just the cost for maintaining one person. Some schools may have more staff including assistants and student workers in order to offer all the career services to make their students competitive in today's business world.

But just offering career services is not enough to fulfill the needs of today's prospective students or your institution. You need to ensure that your students avail themselves of your career services so they will become marketable to employers; because once they are out in the workplace, your students become the best possible advertisement for your institution. In today's job market, after graduation, students must immediately enter the "Employment Readiness State". Employers want employees who are fully trained and ready to work. Exposure to the full range of innovative and proactive career tools and services offered by RYL will ensure that your students become qualified job students who have the skills and knowledge to not only compete in today's job market, but also to direct their own careers past this point toward a better, more productive future --- a future which ultimately becomes the best selling point for your own institution.