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I direct a university career office, and every other term or so, I have a new graduate assistant†to train.† We use CMPro for all of our job postings, student career counseling, and employer communications.†For each new trainee, I'm expecting about†one week to get them up to speed, and it usually takes about one day!††It's so intuitive that†all I have to do is show them the basics, and they understand it immediately.† CMPro has made running our office so much easier.† I love it!

TRACEE Painter

I have tried a variety of "leading-edge" solutions over the years. CRMG is the only one that has truly delivered the ability to manage our business development, as well as our client engagements and client care, the way I wanted and needed to. Our business is growing with greater comfort and ease than ever before. We are in control!

BERNIE O'Donnell

In today's global marketplace, two keys for successful sales and service are flexibility and adaptability.†† That is what CRMG brings to our organization.†† A flexible platform that can be adopted at different levels by each individual office and user.†† An adaptable platform that can retrieve just the basic information or all of the input case details depending on the needs of each particular user.†† And a platform that is†updated automatically and can be customized for one user's specific needs.†† CRMG, a flexible alternative for information management.

DAVID Marrone

I found CMPro to be very comprehensive and easy to use. IDB Group has an excellent product and provides terrific support.

MARK Bowie

I spent 6 months searching the Internet and talking to friends, looking for the right CRM package. Finally I found CMPro. The group email functionality and templates are very easy to use. It only took me two days to decide that this was the package I wanted. It looks and feels just like Outlook, and takes almost no time to learn. CMPro has made my life easier.

EKTA Singh
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CMPro Plus™, designed by CRMG, is by far the most comprehensive, flexible, affordable and easy-to-use CRM solution on the market today. At CRMG it’s more than just software. It’s about strategically aligning the right tools, the right people and the right..... more

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CRMG is set to revolutionize Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for small and medium businesses. CRMG's CRM and workflow management software suite, CMPro Plus™, facilitates sales, customer relations ....more
Our Approach
What exactly is CRM, and why is there such a low success rate? With close to a hundred CRM vendors on the market, and almost as many definitions, there’s really no quick answer.
If you set out to research CRM, you’ll probably come across numerous Top 10 lists .... more
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